Escape the Bounty Hunters

So the first module is ready for playtesting. It definitely has some rough edges, but if I don’t get it out the door it won’t get done! So please read/play and give me some detailed feedback. The map I’ve included is still in its rough stages as well, but it’s enough to work.

Title: Escape from the Bounty Hunters (Or Eluding the Bounty Hunters? I’m looking for a better title.)

Starting the Adventure:

This adventure takes place during the Legacy era. Each of the characters has a bounty on their heads. They have arrived at Point Nadir in search of a contact. Unfortunately, they were noticed on arrival and taken captive almost immediately. The adventure begins with all of the PCs imprisoned on board the bounty hunters ship.

Adventure Summary:

The PCs must first escape from their cell. Then retrieve their equipment from behind a locked door in a room with some security. Then the PCs must acquire the code to open the exit door. Then they need to get past the guards on the exit door. Then the PCs will escape the ship only to be confronted by some of the bounty hunters returning from other duties.

Opening Crawl:

Point Nadir: A hive of scum and villany. For one reason or another our group of heroes has found themselves drifting here only to be captured by a group of small time bounty hunters and tossed in a makeshift cell. While momentous galactic events are in motion our heroes languish.

Background: The Bounty Hunters: (Insert name of primary bounty hunter here.) was apprenticed to a Rodian bounty hunter named ? He spent 2 years learning the basics of the trade, but as time passed and his skills grew he became increasingly disillusioned with the Rodian who did not, in his eyes, grant him the respect he deserved. Finally, when he caught a bounty without the Rodian’s help, or so he thought, and the Rodian still took the lion’s share of the reward he went his separate way. Knowing that he did not have all the necessary skills he returned to his home planet and gathered up two childhood friends, one a competent pilot, and the other a capable mechanic. He also swept the local watering holes for some mindless muscular types to provide the extra toughs he needed. Using all their savings they bought a second hand YV – 1980 transport and headed out into the wider galaxy to make their fortune. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well. The first few bounties were barely enough to keep them fed and their ship functioning. The ship’s costs were inordinately high, as it became clear they had purchased a lemon. After discovering the location of Point Nadir they headed there in the hopes that they might be able to break their string of bad luck. However, on their journey the hyperdrive failed and revealed that the backup didn’t work at all. The mechanic managed to jury rig something out of the two drives that barely got them to Point Nadir. Short of food, supplies, parts, and the cash to purchase any of the above the bounty hunters have resorted to observing each newcomer and hoping to find some bounties to take, this has led them to capture the PCs. There are 8 members of the bounty hunter crew on the ship. The pilot and 7 goons. 2 of the goons will be on guard in the cockpit. The other 6 bounty hunters will be relaxing in the lounge watching a holovid entitled The Death of Jango Fett. They are watching it very loudly. It has lots of blaster fights and explosions. So much so that any of the PCs activities will be covered. 2 of the goons in the lounge will go and feed the prisoners. In addition, the mechanic and 4 other goons are out keeping an eye out for any additional bounties. They will return in time for the final encounter. Use the stats for the thug as found on p. ??? of the SECR. The mechanic and pilot’s stats are included at the end of this module.

Prior to the start of the adventure distribute the following handouts to your players. Try to ensure that everyone gets at least one. These will provide additional information to the players in order to allow them to escape.

Player Handout 1 (For the PC who has been in the cell the longest.) You’ve been in this cell the longest. It’s been about 5 days since you were captured. As you’ve had to survive in here you’ve also had the most opportunity to observe your captors. You’ve noticed that they bring you food at the same time for each meal, clearly on a schedule. You are able to predict when they will arrive to deliver your food and pick up your waste bucket. There are always two of the guards and they are both armed. One of them will carry the food and waste, the other will have his blaster drawn. Before entering they bang on the door and yell at everyone to move away from the door. Make a knowledge(Tactics) check.

Player Handout 1b (If the PC makes a Knowledge(Tactics) check of 15) When the door opens, the first guard, with one hand holding the food tray and the other hand carrying an empty waste bucket, is always standing in front of the door, blocking the view of the second guard. The second guard is the one with the blaster drawn.

Player Handout 2 (For the PC who has the highest mechanics skill in the party.) You’ve noticed the old R2 unit in the corner. R2 units always had a wide selection of tools built into them. You figure you could jury rig some kind of tools out of what’s left in the droid.

Player Handout 3 (Give this to the last PC to be captured) When they brought you on board the ship you had just begun to recover from being stunned. You continued to feign unconsciousness. As the group that had captured you climbed on board the ship an impromptu meeting of the bounty hunters was called in the hallway. You captors unceremoniously dumped you on the floor thinking you were still out of it. You briefly opened your eyes and risked a quick glance. Make a perception check and consult your GM. The clear leader of this group, a grizzled human wearing scarred battle armour and festooned with weaponry, speaks up clearly, “Listen up gang, we might finally be out of the woods here. With this last bounty, combined with what we can get from our gear we might finally have enough cash to get out of here. Now, I’ve got a job lined up. The hutts here in Point Nadir are looking for some extra muscle for some event they’ve got going on right now. I’ve signed on. This’ll give us a few more credits to keep the food and water flowing. While I’m stomping around keeping the peace I’m going to see if I can find anyone who might give us a little more for these bounties we’ve got here. So keep these guys locked up tight and when I get back we’ll turn them in and get out on the space lanes again. Understood.” After a bunch of grunted assents all of the goons head their separate ways. The ones who caught you drag you down the hallway and toss you into your makeshift cell.

Sidebar: Event in Point Nadir What is this event that (insert bounty hunter name here) has gone to? A sabaac tournament? An auction of some valuable items? A party? Who knows, but it could be used to either drop interesting rumours for flavour later in this series of adventures, or even could become the springboard for something else.

Player Handout 3b (Perception Check DC 15) You notice that there are clearly 3 leaders in this group. The heavily armed and armoured bounty hunter who’s doing most of the talking, a (insert species here) wearing grease covered overalls, and a (insert species here) wearing some sort of uniform with pilots insignia on the shoulders. Unfortunately the hallway is too crowded and you close your eyes before you can get an accurate count of the rest of the goons in the hallway.

Player Handout 3c (Perception Check DC 20) You risk taking a few more glances and manage to count that in addition to the 3 leaders there are a total of 11 other goons in the hallway.

The number 11 may need adjusting depending on the size of your party. It should equal the total number of goons in the adventure.

Player Handout 4 (This can be given to any character.) While sitting in the cell you will have this ongoing sense of deja vu. The moment your character steps into the hallway you immediately will know exactly what ship you are on. Your uncle had a ship just like it and you have many happy memories of crawling all over the ship and are intimately familiar with the layout of the ship and know quite a bit about the type of ship. The GM should allow you to read the entry about the YX – 1980 ship in the Legacy Campaign Guide and reveal to you, and thus your fellow players, the map of the standard YX – 1980.

Player Handout 5 (Give this to the character that is least combat capable.) When you were captured you surrendered rather than fight a hopeless battle so you were brought aboard the ship fully conscious. When you were brought aboard the ship you were brought to one of the other cargo holds which has been equipped with a lock that has a keypad. The leader of the group that captured you stepped in front of the keypad so that no one else could see as he punched in the code. “Hey (Name of mechanic) why the heck don’t we sell all this stuff right away?” one of the other tough guys who caught you asks. The duros dressed in greasy coveralls who has been leading this group glances over his should, “Look we’ve been over this (insert name of head bounty hunter here.) thinks that we can get a better deal if we sell all this stuff in a big bunch. All this stuff in here will help fix this bucket of bolts we fly and get us out of here. You know darn well that fixing the hyperdrive, and everything else on this tub is gonna cost us all a fortune. Of course, any cash he’s,” the duros points at you, “carrying gets divided amongst us all, but his gear goes in here.“ With that the door to the room slid open and the goons proceeded to strip you of all your possessions except your clothing and tossed all of your gear into the room quite roughly on top of other items already scattered there. Make a perception check and consult with your DM. After they are finished taking your things they walk you down the hallway to another cell which only has a simple activation switch on it. They open it to reveal another cargo room which has been converted into a makeshift cell. Then they shove you in and close the door behind you. If you attain your freedom you can easily find your way back to the room where your stuff has been stored.

Player Handout 5b (Perception check of DC 15) As the goons strip of your things and toss them into the room you notice that not one of them every enters the room or crosses the threshold. In fact, they are clearly being quite careful not to.

Player Handout 5c (Perception check of DC 20) The duros in greasy coverals was so busy making sure that none of the other goons could see the code to the keypad that he allowed you a clear view and you managed to see and memorize the code as he punched it in. When you arrive at the room where your stuff is stored you will be able to open the door easily.

Player Handout 6 (Give this to any PC but the last one caught.) During one of the meal deliveries by the guards you overheard the end of a conversation as they walked in while the other residents of your cell were sleeping. The first guard growls as he slams down your tray of food and the empty waste bucket, “So what the heck is with the lock on the main airlock in the cockpit? How the heck are we supposed to get out in an emergency?” The second guard covers you with his pistol, “(Insert name of bounty hunter here) knows that this isn’t a real cell and it’s a precaution to make sure none of these bounties get out. The lock isn’t engaged when the ship is in vacuum, and both (insert names of mechanic and pilot here) have the code as well.” The first guard glares at you as the two of the back up, “Well, I just think that it shows that (Insert bounty hunter name here) doesn’t trust us.” With that the door to your cell closes and cuts off whatever the second guard may have had to say.

Player Handout 7 (This would probably be best with a PC who likes guns and fighting.) Not that long ago you and a couple of friends wanted a piece of light entertainment. You all went and watched The Death of Jango Fett holovid. It was great fun. Blasters blazing, bodies flying, some great music in the background, noisy as all get out. Heck, that Jango Fett fellow was a real hero sacrificing his life to stop the nefarious doings of a bunch of senators and dying valiantly in the Battle of Cristophsis. You really enjoyed it, although your ears were ringing a bit afterwards because of how loud it was, and you couldn’t hear a word your friends had said during the entire holovid.

Player Handout 8 (This would be suitable for a more cerebral character.) Not that long ago you heard about a new take on the life and death of Jango Fett. Being an avid reader of history you couldn’t resist checking it out. What a piece of dreck! The Death of Jango Fett didn’t have the slightest bit of redeeming value. No plot or story to speak, just lots of special effects, body parts, and the cheesiest lines you’ve ever heard. Heck, they even got all the facts wrong. Everyone knows that Jango died during the Battle of Kashyyk when he attempted to take the bounty on the head of one of the leading wookies!

Part One: Escape your cell!

The PCs have been stripped of all their stuff. Any character trained in stealth may make a stealth check to have one item concealed on themselves that is not a weapon. Then have the goons make a perception check to see if they notice it. Don’t use the mechanic, the pilot, or (Insert name of bounty hunter here), just the regular goons.

Descriptive text of the cell: The cell you are being held captive in is nothing more than a hastily converted cargo bay. The door control has simply been damaged so it won’t work from your side. The door is a standard automatic sliding door, the only problem is that the activation switch on this side had been disabled, a gaping hole is in the wall where it ought to be and a bunch of loose wires hang out effectively preventing you from opening the door. Scattered on the floor are a handful of ratty mattresses. There’s a tray with the remains of your last meal, nothing more than a bunch of barely edible ration bars. In one corner is the odiferous waste bucket. In one corner is an old broken R2 unit. Along the other wall rest a couple of open crates of junk that you have already gone searching through and found nothing useful.

Inventive players will come up with all sorts of interesting ways of escaping their cell. Here are a few of the basic ones.

Assault the guards. The guards are rather complacent and not terribly skilled at making sure they don’t get jumped. Clever players will take advantage of the information given in Player Handout 1 in order to assault the guards as they enter the room to deliver the food.

Repair the door. They will need some tools and spare parts. These can be scrounged from the old R2 unit with a Mechanics check of DC 15. Repairing the door control is a Mechanics check of DC 20. The PC doing the repairs should make a perception check DC 15 to notice that there is a monitoring system built into the ship to keep track and damaged parts. Anything that is damaged gets displayed on the ship’s bridge. Therefore, when they fix it that will also be displayed. Disabling this system is a Mechanics check of DC 25. If they do not notice the system, or do not succeed in disabling the system have the goons on the bridge make a perception check vs DC 20. If they succeed they will contact the 2 goons from the lounge who are supposed to deliver the food to go and check up on the prisoners. These two goons will leave the holovid and head to where the PCs are. Either detecting the PCs on route, or sounding the alarm when they find the cell empty.

Pursuade/Decieve/Mind Trick/etc the guards: The goons sent with their food have relatively weak will defenses and so will be easily tricked. All sorts of things can happen at this point.

Sidebar: R2 unit The tools created from the R2 unit can count as a security kit for the purposes of this module, but at the end of this module they will have been abused beyond repair and cease to function. These tools will cause a -2 circumstance bonus to all mechanics checks. As the PCs disassemble the R2 unit have anyone trained in mechanics make a Perception check verses a DC of 15. If they succeed they will notice that this R2 unit is unusual. It has a backup memory module built into it that is not standard. What does this memory module contain? That’s up to you as GM. Here is one suggested possibility. Back during the Galactic Civil War the Alliance to Restore the Republic sent out many hundreds of scouts to find out of the way places. This R2 unit was part of one of those scouting teams. His team was indeed successful and discovered one planet that they knew would be very valuable to the Rebellion. However, on their way back they were captured by the Empire. The team wiped the R2s primary memory, relying on its secret backup module to hold the navigation data. Unfortunately, the team died during their questioning and the Empire took one slightly used R2 unit and put it to work. The R2 never even knew it had a secret inside it. It bumped around the galaxy for years until it became part of the junk sitting in a cargo bay that was turned into a cell. Both the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet, The Empire-in-Exile, and the Hidden Temple would all show interest in returning to this planet. Who knows what adventures may lie in store.

Siderbar: Sounding the alarm All of the goons are carrying comlinks and will sound the alarm by attempting to comm the others under the following conditions: 1.The are not in a threatened square, as they do not wish to provoke any attacks of opportunity and one of the following occurs. 2.They find the cell empty. 3.They meet the PCs and the PCs are clearly armed. 4.They fight the PCs and are taken below half their hit points. If the bounty hunters in the lounge become aware of the escaped PCs, they will shut down their holovid and split into teams of 2 and start sweeping the ship. The goons on the bridge will lock the doors that lead to the rest of the ship. (The lock on the airlock leading outside has already been engaged.) They are confident they will succeed because they have blasters and the prisoners don’t. They will not summon reinforcements because they do not want to look foolish for allowing the prisoners to escape.

Part Two: Getting out of the ship

When the PCs enter the hallway the player with handout 4 should reveal their knowledge and the map of a standard YX – 1980 ship can be revealed to all the players. (This map is found on page 90 of the Legacy Era Campaign Guide.) Please refer to this map for the following section.

In addition, when they enter the hallway they should hear the sounds of a violent blaster fight, loud shouting with music in the background echoing down the hallway. Perception of DC 15 to realize it’s coming from the lounge. Players with handouts # 7 and 8 should be told that they recognize some of the dialogue as coming from the holovid The Death of Jango Fett.

As the PCs head down the hallway the goons in the lounge may notice them. However, The Death of Jango Fett is making so much noise the goons have a significant penalty. They will receive a -15 to their perception checks due to the noise and the fact that the PCs will have some cover due to furniture in the lounge in the goons line of sight. Only one goon will be able to make a perception roll. If the PCs are not stealthy the goon will need to beat a DC of 5. If the PCs are stealthy it is an opposed roll. If the goons do detect the PCs they will lackadaisically argue about who’s turn it is for 2 rounds and then send 2 of their number (Not the pilot) up the hallway to see what’s going on.

It is likely that the PCs will attempt to get their stuff back first.

The cargo bay containing the PCs equipment: The player with handout #5 will be able to lead the PCs directly to the room in which their stuff is located. (Simply choose one of the cargo bays to be the cell and another to be where their stuff is. Make sure they are on opposite sides of the ship.)

Descriptive Text: As the door to the cargo bay slides open you see a cluttered room. Old boxes, crates, and containers, lie scattered haphazardly all over the room. This room has clearly not be cleaned in some time. You notice lying on the floor near the back of the cargo bay, your equipment left where it was thrown by the goons after they searched you.

When the PCs arrive at the door of where their stuff is they find it locked with a keypad. If the player with handout #5 has rolled high enough earlier he will have the access code. Otherwise it is a DC 20 to open the lock and the tools salvaged from the R2 unit will be needed. (They can count as the security kit.) They may try as many times as they like, but if they fail by 5 or more the bridge is notified and 2 goons from the lounge will come to investigate.

When they open the door they see their stuff lying in a heap at the back of the cargo bay. The rest of the bay is filled with all sorts of clutter and junk. Lying amongst the junk are some old battle droids which have been programmed to attack anyone who enters the room. (Use the B1 series battle droids found on p. 199 of the SECR) If the PCs have acquired some weapons have one battle droid per PC. (Or perhaps if they have some damage dealing force powers.) If the PCs are unarmed have one battle droid for every 2 PCs. The PCs should roll a perception check vs a DC of 15 to realize that they are intact and holding their blaster carbines. They will activate one round after the PCs have entered. They make an opposed stealth check vs the PCs perception to see if they catch them by surprise. The battle droids transmit a warning to the computer in the Crew Quarters as soon as someone enters the cargo bay, but there is no one there to see it. This is so that the bounty hunter (Insert name here) would know if anyone was attempting to take the loot.

When the PCs have acquired their equipment the holovid in the lounge will end. The goons will remain in the lounge relaxing, but they will be harder to catch by surprise and more likely to notice the PCs.

The Engine Compartments:

Descriptive Text: For the first engine compartment the PCs enter: As you enter the engine compartment you see a cluttered mess. Parts and pieces lie scattered all over the floor. In the back you can see the access points for the sublight engines are open and it’s clear that this ship isn’t going anywhere any time soon as pieces from the engines are clearly missing. The black scorch marks also suggest some sort of problem. You also see the the primary hyperdrive has been stripped down to almost nothing. The cargo bay door in the floor of the ship not only has it’s repair panels open with obvious parts missing, but someone has actually welded the door shut.

For the second compartment the PCs enter: This engine compartment is much like the other one, although it might be messier if that is at all possible. The sublight engines here seem to be in better shape than the other side, or at least their access panels aren’t open. This is also home to the backup hyperdrive, which has seen better days. You can see that someone had juryrigged some sort of repairs to the unit. The cargo bay doors have been treated just like the ones in the other engine room, motivators removed and welded shut.

There are various tools scattered around the engine rooms enough to create a real tool kit.

It is possible for the PCs to break through the cargo doors in the floor. (Us the Metal Airlock entry on P. 151 of the SECR) Breaking through them will create lots of noise. Have all the goons, including the pilot, in the lounge make perception checks to notice. (Include relevant modifies if the holovid is still playing.) If they do they will send 2 goons to check it out, but they step directly into the engine compartments from the lounge, thus making it highly likely that the other goons and the pilot will notice if anything untoward happens.

If the PCs do manage to reduce the door to half it’s hit points it will trigger the damage control system on the bridge and alert the goons on guard there. They will contact those in the lounge and proceed from there.

The Passenger Quarters:

Descriptive Text: (6 or one generic?) You open the door to find small sleeping quarters with a rumpled unmade bunk. The room is not terribly clean and has a small storage unit on one wall, but a few scattered articles of dirty clothing adorn the room. This is where the goons sleep. The quarters contain nothing of value as the goons don’t trust each other enough to leave anything behind.

The Crew Quarters:

Descriptive Text: This room is rather neatly organized. It contains a single bed, a bunkbed, 2 storage units, and a desk with built in computer. There is also a spacer’s chest at the foot of the single bed.

The Crew Quarters are used by the bounty hunter (Insert Name here) and his two lieutenants. The door is locked with a DC 25 lock.

The beds and storage units contain nothing other than a few changes of clothing.

The spacer chest has a DC 30 lock. It also has a spike trap built into the lock. A perception check of DC 25 is required to notice it. It will attack anyone tampering with the lock with a +5 attack vs Reflex defense. If it hits it does 1d4 damage and is followed by a Knockout Drops poison attack(CL 2) from page 255 of the SECR.

The computer is an unfriendly computer with an intelligence bonus of +2 giving it a will defense of 17. This computer contains the code to unlock the airlock on the bridge. If the PCs fail any use computer check by 5 or more the computer notifies the 2 goons currently on the bridge. They will open the door from the bridge and investigate with blasters drawn. This computer is also the computer that controls the Battle Droids in the room with the PCs stuff. The PCs can use the reprogram droid function of the use computer skill to turn these battle droids into allies. The length of time this takes means that the goons will have sounded the alarm just as the PCs finish the programming. This means that the PCs will have allies but will face all the goons and the pilot all at once and fully alert. This computer could also contain some other information that the players might find interesting. GMs could plant all sorts of plot hooks here.

The Navicomputer room:

Descriptive Text: This small room is dominated by the complex navicomputer on one wall. There are a couple of chairs in the room, but other than that it is pretty much empty.

The navicomputer has an indifferent attitude and an intelligence modifier of +0 which gives a Will Defense of 15. It does contain a record or where the ship has been, but that is all. This may or may not be useful to the PCs. If the PCs fail by 5 or more it does not notify the goons on the bridge.

The Other Cargo bays:

Descriptive Text: This cargo bay is almost empty, there’s a scattering of detrius on the floor and an old broken crate in one corner and lots of dust.

The other cargo compartments besides the cell and the one that has all of their possessions locked away contain nothing but junk.

The Lounge:

Descriptive Text: This large room is the lounge where the crew can relax. It has couches lining the walls of the room, a dejarik table, and a holoprojector mounted in the ceiling.

This is where the pilot and 5 of the goons are sitting around relaxing. 2 of these will go and deliver food to the prisoners, as well as respond to any alarms the goons on the bridge detect.

The pilot has a pass key which opens the door to the crew quarters and makes the computer their friendly. The pilot also knows the code to open the airlock.

The Bridge:

Descriptive Text: This is the ship’s bridge. There is an airlock in the floor of this room that descends and becomes a ramp. You can see the controls to this at one of the crew stations, it also has a numerical keypad attached to the controls.

There are 2 goons on guard here.

The main airlock is locked and the code is needed to open it. Or a mechanics check of DC 25 to open it.

Part Three: Defeating the returning bounty hunters and getting away.

Upon exiting the ship the PCs will face one final encounter with the returning Bounty Hunters.

The Bounty Hunters will consist of a number of Goons equal to the PCs and the Mechanic. However, as the battle progresses any surviving Goons on board the ship may exit and join the battle. Be careful, as GM, not to overwhelm the players with too many opponents, use the additional opponents only if the battle is going too easily for the players.

The Bounty Hunters will also be bringing back another bounty they’ve caught. This NPC can potentially be rescued by the PCs and can provide an excellent plot hook for a continuing adventure. This module does not stat out who this is at this time, It’s left for the GM to decide.

The Docking Bay: Descriptive Text: You exit the ship to find yourself in a very standard, poorly maintained, docking bay hollowed out of the rock of the asteroid. The bay is littered with the usual debris of any spaceport, boxes, crates and the like. There is a battered load lifter droid standing off to one side. There is only one exit to the north, unless you feel like jumping through the magnetic field sealing the air into the bay and trying your luck in vacuum and weightlessness. The exit to the north is sealed by a simple airlock door. The controls are on the wall beside it both inside and outside the docking bay.

The droid is a XXXX it is fully functional, it just needs a minor repair a Mechanics check of DC 15. Creative PCs should find lots of uses for it.

Some player groups may be able to figure out how to survive in vacuum and weightlessness and opt for the exit via the magnetic field. Then have the Bounty Hunters arrive on board a skiff wearing armoured spacesuits and brush up on the rules for zero-g.

The hallway: Descriptive Text: The hallway is nothing more than a tunnel drilled through rock. To your left it continues for a short distance and ends in a solid rock wall. Across the way is another blast door. You can see a pool of water that has formed at the base of the door. The control panel for that blast door has been damaged and you can see some electrical wires dangling from the outside. The tunnel continues off to the right where you can see a small branching tunnel from which some music is emanating and the main tunnel continuing on towards freedom.

Perception check of DC 15 to notice that the electrical wires from the control panel are sparking. Perception check of DC 20 to notice that the electrical wires are actually hanging down in the water and the water is electrified.

Across the way from the PCs an experimental Selkath ship is docked. Unfortunately, it has sprung a leak and flooded the docking bay. The door has been sealed but it is slowly leaking. In addition, someone has tried to break in to the docking bay unsuccessfully and left part of the control panel open and damaged. These electrical wires are hanging down in the pool of liquid. Anyone approaching the control panel or the door without declaring that they are taking precautions gets shocked for 2d6 damage. Simply declaring that you are taking precautions is enough to avoid the puddles of water. Making the water safe takes a Mechanics check DC 15. It is possible to open the door as well and cause a flood in the hallway. This requires a Mechanics check of DC 25 to repair the control panel and then the controls can be activated normally. Use the Force Thrust power to simulate the effect of this flood of water. The flood comes out with the equivalent of a DC 20 Use the Force Check. (Although it’s not actually a force power so it can’t be rebuked or anything like that.)

The Mechanic and goons with their captured NPC will arrive from the end of the hallway and begin moving towards the ship at a leisurely pace when the PCs come to the curve of the hallway. The PCs need to make a perception check of DC 10 to notice them coming as they are not being sneaky in any way, but the hallway is not terribly well lit and the sound from the cantina is causing some distraction. If they fail the two groups will stumble into eachother and go straight into combat.

The PCs may be able to slip into the cantina without the bounty hunters noticing, thanks to the poor lighting and distraction of the music. The PCs may make stealth or deception checks to slip into the cantina. The bounty hunters will be able to see them, but if the PCs succeed in opposed stealth or deception checks the bounty hunters won’t realize that the PCs are their escaped bounties and ignore them.

However, in the event that the PCs do manage to slip into the cantina, seeing someone else head into the cantina will make the bounty hunters think about how thirsty they are and they will stop in for a drink. Roleplay outloud a conversation between the bounty hunters to this effect just before they enter the cantina so the PCs understand why the bounty hunters came in.

Otherwise the bounty hunters will continue on down the hallway towards the ship until they encounter the PCs. Then one goon will put the NPC on the ground and the others will attack.

The cantina. Descriptive Text: You’ve heard many places described as a “hole-in-the-wall” before, but this is the first time you’ve been in on literally. It’s a very small cantina with a small bar and a scattering of tables and chairs. The entire place seems very depressing, dim lighting, foul smells, dirty tables, and glum music just add to the mood. A greasy Togrutan is behind the bar and a battered servo droid is making the rounds of the handful of customers.

Have about 6 customers scattered around the cantina.

The PCs, with appropriate deception checks opposed by the bounty hunters perception checks, could blend into the crowd and simply wait for the bounty hunters to leave. Possible incidents could be having one of the bounty hunters sit down beside one of the players and strike up a conversation. (Try to do it with the most skilled deceptive player so that that player has a chance to shine.) Or the group of bounty hunters could head over to the table occupied by the PCs and bully them out of their seats.

In the event that combat breaks out the Togrutan will simply duck behind the bar and hide. All of the bar patrons will pull out broken bottles and the like and join in a brawl until someone pulls a blaster and starts shooting. That will start a stampede for the door.

Conclusion: After the PCs defeat the final bounty hunters whether by stealth or feat of arms, they are free to explore Port Nadir.

The bounty hunter (Name here) will return to the ship and bring any surviving bounty hunters to the med centre. Unless the have been specifically killed they will recover. However, the bills are so high that the ship has to be sold. The goons scatter to the four winds and won’t come back in to play unless you choose to do so, but the bounty hunter, the pilot, and the mechanic could then become recurring characters with chips on their shoulders.

Stat Blocks:



Duros Scoundrel 3 Destiny 3; Force 6; Dark Side 3 Init +9; Senses Perception +7 Languages Basic, Durese, Huttese, Rodese, Sullustese Defenses Ref 18 (flat-footed 15), Fort 13, Will 15 hp 26; Thresh 13 Speed 6 squares Ranged heavy blaster pistol +5 (3d8+1) Base Atk +2; Grp +1 Attack Options Point Blank Shot Special Actions Hyperdriven, Knack Starship Maneuvers (Pilot: +14) afterburn, snap roll Abilities Str 8, Dex 17, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 10 Talents Hyperdriven, Knack Feats Point Blank Shot, Skill Focus (Pilot), Starship Tactics (SoG 20), Vehicular Combat, Weapon Proficiency (pistols, simple weapons) Skills Initiative +9, Knowledge (galactic lore) +9, Knowledge (technology) +9, Mechanics +9, Perception +7, Pilot +14 (can reroll), Use Computer +9 Possessions heavy blaster pistol, spacesuit, utility belt, short-range comlink


Duros Scoundrel 2/Scout 1 Destiny 3; Force 6; Dark Side 3 Init +8; Senses Perception +8 Languages Basic, Durese, Huttese, Rodese, Shyriiwook Defenses Ref 17 (flat-footed 15), Fort 14, Will 16 hp 27; Thresh 14 Speed 6 squares Ranged modified bluebolt blaster pistol +3 (3d8+3) Attack Options Point Blank Shot Special Actions Hyperdriven Abilities Str 10, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 17, Wis 14, Cha 8 Talents Hyperdriven, Jury-Rigger Feats Point Blank Shot, Skill Focus (Mechanics), Starship Designer (SoG 20), Tech Specialist (SoG 21), Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple weapons) Skills Initiative +8, Knowledge (galactic lore) +9, Knowledge (technology) +9, Mechanics +14, Perception +8, Pilot +8 (can reroll), Use Computer +9 Possessions modified bluebolt blaster pistol (improved damage trait), tool kit, security kit, power recharger, space suit, datapad, short-range comlink, utility belt, portable computer, fire extinguisher, three rolls of mesh tape, 6 blank datacards.

Bounty hunter: Not stated as he is not needed in this module. Significantly higher level than the PCs.

Escape the Bounty Hunters

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